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We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. No job too large or too small.



OREGON CCB# 196796


Hawthorne Kitchen Renovation

When we came in the kitchen was old and blue. We did a floor to ceiling remodel, refinished hardwoods, fresh paint, new cabinets, updated electrical and plumbing. We also fixed the strange double bathroom, moving the toilet into the same room as the sink and bathtub, look for those pictures soon.

While waiting on the electrician to rewire the Hawthorne kitchen, we cleaned up some basement water damage in Gresham. The boys gingerly took down the cabinets before pulling the drywall off the ceiling. We put in new can lights and sealed the walls before putting everything back together, better than we found it.

Bathroom in Gresham

We took out a plain white bath and put in a custom, handicap accessible shower.